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Qualifiber Running Team

We were out and about full of motivation, strength and fun: at the WHEW100!

Smurfit Kappa Saillat - France

Qualifiber technology now also state-of-the-art in France

Hamburger Corlu - Turkey

Qualifiber stock preparation for Hamburger Corlu - Turkey!

Welcome to Grebien Qualifiber GmbH

Your specialist for materials technology in the paper industry.

As an international company with our main office in Austria and a branch in Germany, we are globally active in the paper manufacturing industry.

Backed up by more than 30 years of experience from Studies, Technology, Seminars, Automation, Project planning, Mechanical engineering, Servicing and maintenance, the main objective of Qualifiber® is:

"The effective production of paper and board from various fibrous materials"!

To achieve our objective as effectively as possible, Qualifiber® offers the following services:

  • Analysis of the current situation, followed by a consultation that specifically addresses the task in hand and offers tailored solutions
  • Project support (e.g. during project development, or later, during assembly)
  • Optimisation and conversion of existing machines
  • Design and manufacture of new machines
  • 3D systems/ layout design.

Our new platform, "PAPERTAINMENT® by QUALIFIBER®" will be available soon and will give you an even more detailed overview of our services and activities. Let us surprise you….


Do you, like many well-known paper manufacturers in Europe and overseas, want things to be simple and efficient? > Then QUALIFIBER®" is your partner.